6 Basic Steps in Fixing Damaged Hair

Ways in repairing damaged hair include preparing your hair, massaging peppermint oil to your hair scalp, using more oil to the hair, checking for even distribution of oil, brushing the hair even more, and rinsing the essential oil from your hair. influencer marketing Although we use all sorts of products and subject our hair to several therapies to make our hair look good and make us look appealing, the harmful chemical compounds and the heat that are present in these types of therapies will end up damaging our hair over time. Therefore, we also need to let the hair rest from damaging chemicals and pamper them with a therapy that will improve their wellbeing and strength.

Ready your hair The very first thing you need to do if you are planning to utilize essential oils on the hair to treat its injuries, is to prepare your hair by untangling and combing it. Use a wide-toothed hair comb and start working on the hair and untangling it from the tips going upwards until every strand of the hair is free of tangles and the hair looks neat. An untangled and tidy hair will allow the oil to cover a greater area of your hair and also maximize the treatment that the essential oil can provide on your hair.

Massage pepper mint oil to your hair scalp Get your bottle of pepper mint essential oil and put a few drops onto the tips of your own fingers. Once you have some amount of oil on your fingertips, rub your fingertips on your scalp along with a bit of pressure. The rubbing action with the peppermint oil will motivate the increase of blood circulation in the scalp, that brings with it clean oxygen and nutrients which will nourish the scalp and the follicles of your hair. It will also increase the production of oil, which will repair dryness along with other damages of your hair, as well as provide strength to the strands of your hair. The peppermint oil will also create a soothing and clean feeling on your scalp.

Use more oil to the hair Continue giving your hair an oil treatment. This time, have a big paddle brush and place about two drops of rose essential oil, 5 drops rosemary oil, and 3 drops argan essential oil on its bristles. After that, comb your hair with the paddle comb starting from the tips of the hair and moving your way up to the scalp, just like what you did when you ready your hair. Expect that the tips of the hair will absorb most of the oil as this is the part where you worked on first. This is also beneficial since the tips are typically the driest portions of the hair. You can easily buy your essential oils from health food stores and over the internet from sites including arganoilshop.com.

Check out for even distribution of acrylic Once you think that you’re done with brushing your hair, run your fingers all over your hair to know if there are any areas that you have skipped. It is important that you cover every strand of hair so that your entire hair will be cured uniformly with the oil.

Brush the hair even more Get your comb once again and continue brushing the hair. This time around, begin from the scalp and move towards the tips. This would allow the pepper mint oil from the hair scalp to spread through the strands of the hair and also stimulate the hair follicles to become healthier and create healthy hair strands.

Rinse out the oil from the hair As soon as you are done brushing the hair for around twenty minutes, get in the shower room and wash your hair to wash out the excess oil. Use a gentle hair shampoo and follow it up with hair conditioner.

It is advisable to use organic products for your hair and skin because these do not contain any harmful chemicals.